Convert Tranform & Monetize your content

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  • Text/content capture from various input sources – PDF (Editable/Scanned), HTML, PRC, RTF, PDB, TXT, Hard Copy printed books, In design & application files.


  • Format and structure your content by tagging in XHTML, HTML5 & XML. Content structuring using Paragraphs, Tables, Columns, equations, TOC, Chapters, Bio, footnotes, references.


  • Transform your content into multiple digital formats – ePub2, Mobi (Kindle), ePub3, Web PDF, HTML5, XML, Apps & real aloud ebooks.


  • Content meta data, epubcheck & CSS validation. Device Rendering (eReaders,Tablets,Smartphones) XML content parsing using cutom or NLM, Docbook, TEI, DTBook and others DTD’s.


  • Monetize your content by selling through web channels – Websites, Blogs, Retailer sites such as Amazon, B & N, iBookstore, Google.


  • eBook services in multiple formats such as ePub2, MOBI, ePub3. Enhanced eBooks using Multi media and interactivity.

Fixed Layout

  • Convert your books with rich images and illustration in to Fixed Layout eBooks for Apple — iBookstore & Kindle Fixed Layout KF8.

Digital Magazines

  • Tranform your PDF into a Digital Magazine with flip page technology and rich multi media in HTML5 and Flash formats.


  • Convert your content in any input source to XML format for books, journals, articles. Strong focus on Science, Technical, Medical content.


  • Comprehensive HTML5 solutions for a wide range of publishing requirements.

Author services

  • Tailored services for Authors/Indie Press including eBook design, Cover art, Copy editing, book review & press release.
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Convert Tranform & Monetize your content
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Convert Tranform & Monetize your content

Expand Beyond the Basics