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Profit from ebook publishing – Easy to Follow Steps to Make Your Publishing a Success



There is no guarantee that you will have publish success, even if you do have a friend who owns the best publishing company in the world!

The chance of success comes down to the quality of your eBook and whether you have a clear and defined target audience. Your book cannot be about anything. It needs to answer a problem that your target audience suffers from in a unique way. You then need to have a marketing campaign and follow that for the next two years (at least!).

Some of this process needs to happen before you even start writing. The first thing you need to do is read – and read a lot! Read the books that you love and the books that you struggle getting through the first chapter on and then analyze them. What did the author in the first book do that was so great? What did the second author do that made reading hard? Make notes on your thoughts so you can apply them to your own writing. Reading others’ works will also offer you inspiration and find the tricks that you need to follow and avoid!

To get publishing success, you need to start planning your book. This requires a specific, narrow subject that is divided into chapters. All chapters need to address the problem that your book covers and offer a solution. Use the chapters to break your specific problem down and let your readers understand it bit by bit. They will feel less overwhelmed by reading this way instead of trying to get through mountains of information in one go. Don’t quite spoon-feed your readers the information but get close to it.

Now it comes to writing the book and then revising it. You may need to go through two or three rounds of revision to make sure your book answers the problem and only the problem. Writing your book may seem like the hardest task in the world but there are plenty of books out there to help you with this. They cover the writing and revision process and some you will fall in love with. You may also find books to help you write your specific subject! These books work as roadmaps along your writing journey.

Now that it’s written and you’ve revised it, it is time to have someone read it. This should be someone who you respect and will give you an honest opinion. Some people are lucky enough to know an editor – you may be able to swap manuscripts. There are also writing groups all around the internet where members will critique others’ work.

Once you have the opinions of others, it is time to review them and revise your book again. Now stop! You can do too much revision!

You need to know when it is time to stop writing and revising and when it is time to produce and publish your book! And you’re there!

Your eBook is written. Take the night off! Have a glass of bubbly!

Celebrating your hard work is important but the next day is time for the next stage in the publishing of your eBook.

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