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Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud provides full-function Laserfiche Rio® licenses, hosted on a cloud server, for a simple monthly charge per user.

Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud includes 20GB of storage per user, daily backup, access to the Laserfiche public knowledge base, and a subscription to over 200 Laserfiche training videos.

With Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud, users avoid up-front capital requirements, server costs and maintenance. The Laserfiche server and repositories are available from anywhere, via the Laserfiche Client, Laserfiche Web Access or the Laserfiche Mobile app for iPhone or iPad.

Laserfiche Cloud servers are available around the world for international and geographically dispersed users.

Support and Professional services for Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud are provided by the Laserfiche Value Added Reseller.

Take control of your documents in 72 hours. Starting now.

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  • Full Laserfiche Rio functionality as a convenient subscription.
  • Laserfiche Mobile, Web Access or Laserfiche Client access from anywhere.
  • All servers, licenses, backups and maintenance provided in the subscription cost.
  • Configured and running within 72 hours.

Why Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud?

Best of Breed: Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud is powered by Laserfiche Rio and Amazon Web Services, both of which have millions of users.

Secure: Satisfies all current DoD, HIPAA and financial service industry specifications.

Portable: Access your Laserfiche content from Laserfiche Mobile, Laserfiche Client or Laserfiche Web Access.

No Capital Outlay: Pay for only the licenses that you use. No up-front server costs.

No Server Administration: Backups, maintenance and upgrades are all handled automatically.

Expert Support: Award-Winning Laserfiche reseller and customer support system ensures success.

Easy to Get Started: Turnkey implementation allows licenses, secure server access, repository and folder creation to be up and running in 72 hours.

ECM Solution for Many Users

Organizations around the world are adopting Cloud and software subscription models. They reduce capital expenditures, streamline operations and eliminate servers and their maintenance. Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud delivers our top-rated Laserfiche Rio ECM software configured on proven Cloud hosting architecture.

In an increasingly mobile world, Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud delivers anywhere, anytime access to your information.

Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud is ideal for:

  • Organizations that prefer or mandate Cloud architecture or SaaS software subscriptions.
  • Departments who have no server or IT resources.
  • Geographically-diverse organizations which need remote access to Laserfiche from multiple locations.
  • Smaller organizations which need Laserfiche Rio functionality but have fewer than 100 users.
  • Short term demonstrations or pilots.
  • Integrators wanting to test or add Laserfiche into their Cloud or SaaS offerings.

Run Laserfiche Cloud without IT Involvement

No servers? No capital? No IT? No problem.

Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud users do not need IT staff. Laserfiche Server, user licenses and repositories are fully provisioned. Simply point your browser, client or mobile application to the server URL and start working.

A Laserfiche Value Added Reseller can provide professional services to help customize additional functions, including Laserfiche Workflow and other Laserfiche features.


Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud User

  • Full Laserfiche Rio named user license
  • Access from anywhere via Laserfiche Client, Laserfiche Web Access or Laserfiche Mobile app for iPhone or iPad
  • Includes one repository and 20GB per user to start, which can be expanded
  • Customizable folder structure
  • Laserfiche Rio Server including Laserfiche Workflow, Laserfiche Audit Trail and Laserfiche Web Access

Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud Server

  • SSL encryption for secure communication with server
  • Hosted on Gartner Award-Winning Amazon Web Services
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Servers located around the world

Support and Maintenance

  • Professional support from Laserfiche Value Added Reseller
  • All server maintenance and upgrades performed automatically
  • Daily backups taken
  • Access to Laserfiche public knowledge base
  • Access to over 200 training videos

Value Proposition

  • No capital outlays, pay as you go
  • No server costs and no server administration tasks or outlays
  • Always the most current hardware and software versions
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership over time than on-premise installation