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A proven solution already used by over 30,000 organizations worldwide, Laserfiche enterprise content management is designed to take your expertise and build on it. Instead of forcing you to work within a rigid structure, Laserfiche adapts to your existing business processes, building on them to make them smarter, faster and more efficient.
And Laserfiche adapts to handle content-related processes across the enterprise, delivering immediate business value without sacrificing the agility necessary to meet changing business requirements.

The Smart Approach to Information Management

Laserfiche’s agile ECM approach immediately delivers value with an ECM foundation that handles all your content-related processes:

  • Solves departments’ specific document related challenges.
  • Manages documents, content and records comprehensively.
  • Adapts to address every content-related process in the enterprise.
  • Delivers ROI with straightforward implementation and licensing.

Laserfiche gives you the industry’s most flexible ECM foundation—add just the licenses you need, simply configure folders and workflows and you’re ready to solve any transactional document problem.

  • Value
  • Options
  • Agility

Value, options and agility: it’s the reason over 30,000 organizations in nearly every industry have chosen Laserfiche.

Single Investment, Enterprise-Wide ROI

With Laserfiche, you don’t have to buy separate products—you have an ECM foundation that handles all your content-related processes.

Laserfiche’s agile ECM approach provides a powerful enterprise framework to solve your organization’s transactional content management problems, from A/P processing and case/customer management to HR onboarding and more.

Instead of purchasing multiple siloed applications to address particular use cases, Laserfiche offers the capability to add value, increase productivity and improve governance across multiple lines of business. And Laserfiche Rio’s unlimited servers mean you don’t have to have a defined plan about what a particular scenario would require—you can simply create a test environment and begin creating folder structures and workflows.

Laserfiche’s support for existing administration platforms and Microsoft skillsets, online training and certification and robust Support Site mean your staff can easily configure Laserfiche to meet your specific needs, offering a lower total cost of ownership. And not only can you configure your own workflows, customize your own templates and write your own applications without hiring expensive consultants—department heads can easily customize and manage their own systems without any assistance from the IT department.

With Laserfiche, you have the agility you need to get increased value, greater productivity and better outcomes with a single investment that leads to enterprise ROI—across departments and across applications.