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eBooks Conversion Services

We can convert your book into the most popular eBook formats, ready for your title to be sold via the major eBook retailers or through your own website. We can work from digital files or printed books, and will test that your eBook looks great and works flawlessly across a variety of different software and eBook readers.

Infolite’s eBook production and App development services help meet your audience’s needs for mobile content and eBooks, when and where they want it, and your need for high-quality, scalable and cost-effective delivery.

Infolite specializes in content production and digital content development for multi-channel delivery to eReader devices, smart phones and tablets, including the Apple iPad and iPhone, Amazon Kindle™, SONY® eBook Reader, Nook™ and all Android devices. Our technical expertise and strong relationships with device manufacturers ensure that you benefit from the latest developments and specifications of new eBook formats and App technologies, often before they are publicly announced. The two most popular eBook formats are Kindle format (Mobi files) and standard ePUB files.

eBooks Conversion Process


Capture Content From:

  • PDF (Editable/Scanned)
  • Hard Copy printed books
  • In design & application files

Text or content capture from various input sources.


Content Conversion:

  • Tagging (Paragraphs, Tables, Columns)
  • XHTML Conversion
  • Structuring (TOC, Chapters, Bio, footnotes)
  • Image enhancement and Photoshop

Format, tag and structure the ebook.


Content transformation:

  • eBook 2 (Re flow), eBook 3 (Fixed layout, multimedia)
  • Kindle AZW3, Mobi
  • eBook applications

Covert you content to be read in multiple digital formats.


Validate the eBook For:

  • Text accuracy
  • ePub check 3.0
  • CSS validation and file packaging.
  • eBook meta data (Author, ISBN, Publisher etc)
  • Device Rendering (eReaders, Tablets, Smartphone)

Perform epubcheck 3.0 a global ebook standard. Check on reading devices)


Distribute to eBook retailers:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes and Nobles
  • Apple iBookstore
  • Google
  • Kobo
  • Lulu

Reach a worldwide audience by selling your ebook on top retailer sites.

Infolite’s aesthetical & extensive eBook design generally includes cover art, title page, dedication, hyperlinked table of contents, book matter with hyper linked chapters, acknowledgements, about the author or Bio, Bibliography and advertisements. We have deep expertise in handling STM content consisting of complex math equations and foreign language content.

eBook conversion software produce poorly formatted & styled eBooks with limited functionality. Converted eBooks are not displayed uniformly across all devices and code validation often fails the global standard ePub check 3.0. Numerous alignment, formatting, text & spell errors are also observed calling for a lot of re work and extra effort.

Infolite uses automated software for basic content tagging only. Formatting, Styling, image work, proof reading & Quality check is done manually by our experienced conversions team who have worked with clients on various challenging requirements hence our eBooks have superior functionality & quality and provide value for money.

Kindle Format

Amazon’s Kindle eReader has been a huge success and, via their Kindle Store, Amazon sell more eBooks than any other retailer. We produce a PRC or Mobi format file, that is ideal for uploading to Amazon’s Kindle Store. The files we produce can be previewed on a Kindle eReader device or Kindle App before they are submitted to Amazon, so that you can see exactly how they look before they are available for purchase.

Kindle format files are produced in full color, and can include graphics, images, photos and tables. Most Kindle devices only display greyscale, with the exception of the Kindle Fire tablet device. Kindle Apps for PC, Mac, iPad and smartphone are all capable of displaying color.

There is very limited control over typefaces, font styles and layout within a Kindle file, so if you have a book with a complex layout we will need to simplify how it looks during the conversion process, if you wish to stick with a standard eBook file format rather than fixed layout.

Standard reflowable ePub2/ePub3

Reflowable Epub Sample

Infolite is capable of handling complex content and layouts, and can create ePub and Mobi compatible with several mobile devices, conforming to IDPF standards. Our rich experience of working with different clients has also allowed us to be efficient at handling different types of characters and layouts. We can also assist you in converting a variety of source documents or creating fresh content such as Word, PDF, XML and InDesign to deliver different eBook formats including ePub 3.0 and KF8.

ePUB files are the sold by virtually all other retailers, apart from Amazon, including Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Waterstones. ePUB files are also produced in color and there is more scope within an ePUB to use different fonts, text styling and advanced layout features. Although the files can incorporate color, some ePUB compatible eReader devices will only display greyscale. For example, a color ePUB file sold via B&N’s Nook Store will not be displayed in color on a standard Nook eReader but will be on a Nook Color eReader.

When we have converted your file, we will send you a preview version, which you can view on a compatible eReader if you have one, or on free software that can be installed on your computer. Two other eBook formats which are suited to more specific types of book, are Fixed-Layout eBooks and Read Aloud eBooks.

Fixed-Layout eBooks

ePub is a valuable digital format to repurpose printed books and works well for text and low graphic images. But when it comes to children's books, comic books, magazines, high quality graphic designs/layouts where the focus lies on images and graphics, Apple's Fixed Layout ePubs for iPhone/iPad is an apt solution to render such books for achieving the best user experience. Infolite has developed an automated approach for developing Fixed Layout ePubs that can help publishers to produce these at a competitive cost and in quick time. Some of the distinctive functionalities compatible with fixed layout ePub are:

Fixed layout epub Sample
  • Rich color and graphics
  • Enhancing art, Photography and illustration
  • Multicolumn text
  • Narration - text highlighting, background music
  • Page designs and layouts
  • Read aloud
  • Embed videos and audios

Fixed-Layout formats offer much more in the way of formatting and styling support, and usually we can produce a Fixed-Layout eBook that looks virtually identical to your original print layout.

We can produce fixed-layout files for Apple, B&N, Kobo and Amazon (Kindle Fire). All four of these formats allow for maintaining the majority of the original PDF layout, and have options for double-page viewing and are in colour. Each fixed-layout version is designed to work on specific devices, as listed below.

  • The fixed-layout ePUB for Apple will work on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and can be sold via Apple’s iTunes and iBookstore.
  • The fixed-layout PagePerfect file for B&N will work on Nook Color and Nook Tablet, and can be sold via B&N’s Nook Store.
  • The fixed-layout ePUB for Kobo will only work on a Kobo Vox eReader (which you can buy from WH Smith and Asda). The file can be sold through Kobo and its retail network, which includes WH Smith in the UK, Fnac in Europe and Collins Bookstore in Australia.
  • The fixed-layout KF8 format for Amazon will currently only work on a Kindle Fire tablet and the newest Kindle Touch eReaders, and can be sold through Amazon’s Kindle Stores.

To request a quote to produce a Fixed-Layout eBook, please send a PDF of your book if you have it, along with a description of your requirement to reachus@infolitetech.com

Read Aloud eBooks

Read Aloud eBooks are Fixed-Layout ePUB files which have been enhanced with an audio narration and possibly abackground soundtrack too. They are perfect for children’s story book with all the fantastic graphical options of a Fixed-Layout ePUB, plus they give the reader the choice of hearing the narration on a page-by-page basis, or letting the pages turn automatically as the story is read out. Each word of the book can be highlighted as they are spoken, and the reader can turn the background music or sound effects on or off as they wish.

We can produce Read Aloud eBooks for both Apple and Kobo.

Read aloud Epub Sample

To request a quote to produce a Read Aloud eBook, please send a PDF of your book if you have it, along with a description of your requirement to reachus@infolitetech.com. We can also arrange for the production of a professionally voiced narration, if you do not wish to organise this yourself.

Our eBook Design

We ensure that your eBooks are easy to read and fully functional on all the major eBook platforms. Every eBook we create includes:

  • Conversion into foundational XHTML designed specifically for the eBook formats chosen.
  • Formatting and styling the paragraph indents and alignments the same way they are used in the source files.
  • Designing lists, outlines, poetry, and other non-standard paragraph types in ways that work best in eBook formats.
  • Creation and linking of an active Table of Contents in the text of the eBook
  • Creation of a structural table of contents (NCX) used in many reading systems for navigation, such as the TOC in ePub files.
  • Page design for various ebook parts such as About the Author, About the publisher, Advertisements, More titles from the author, Hyperlinks to websites etc
  • We do not do Cover design but can suggest you cover designers to suit your requirements and budgets.
  • We provide eBook Cover image size specifications to suit the requiremenents of various ebook retailers.
  • Optimization of images and other internal graphical elements
  • Tables and charts inserted as images.
  • Footnotes/endnotes formatted as eBook endnotes and linked both directions
  • Subject index page numbers linked
  • Following Industry best practices by validating the converted e book using epubcheck 3.1 a global standard.
  • Viewing and testing the converted eBook titles on various devices

We have rich experience in handling various ebook production processes for publishers/independent press in various segments and offer a flexible and scalable delivery model in which we employ our highly experienced team of Content engineers, eBook developers and conversion specialists who understand the complex requirements of digital publishing workflows and strictly adhere to IDPF international publishing standards.

Leveraging the latest technology and tools coupled with seasoned professionals and trained technical staff, we are geared up to meet your expectations in terms of quality, turnaround time, pricing and support. Our Solutions facilitates clients to reduce costs, improve ROI, improve efficiency and meet the requirements of end customers.

We will convert and format your content to an ebook readable over a wide variety of formats and reading devices such as Tablets, eReaders, Smartphone, laptops and desktops.

  • eBook for Apple iPad™
  • eBook for Nook™
  • eBook for Android™
  • eBook for eReader
  • eBook for Amazon Kindle™
  • eBook for Apple iPhone™
  • eBook for Mobipocket™ reader
  • eBook for SONY® eBook Reader
  • EPUB, EPUB2 or EPUB3 formatted file

Input Can be Digital or Paper

We convert your publishing material accurately from any source, including any common digital publishing file formats. If a digital version does not yet exist, we can do high fidelity scanning from hardcover or soft-cover editions. Your book can be in:

  • XML
  • Pagemaker
  • Word/RTF
  • SGML
  • PDF
  • InDesign
  • HTML
  • FrameMaker
  • Hard copy

High Quality eBook Conversions for complex layout elements

Our process uses a combination of software and people to ensure an extremely high quality conversion of your content. We will provide all of the components necessary so the eBook is easily navigable and displays beautifully on the device. We accurately convert even complex layout elements to the appropriate XML tags, including:

  • Stylesheet
  • Illustrations
  • Appropriate Metadata
  • Footnotes
  • Links to audio and video files
  • Chapters
  • Sections
  • Special Characters
  • Hyperlinked Table of Contents

What does it cost?

The eBook conversion cost will depend upon the content, number of words and the eBook formats ordered. The most straightforward books to convert are those that only contain text. Book’s with images, graphs, tables, scientific/mathematical formulae, Lists and diagrams can be converted to eBook but need more work and skill and so are more expensive to convert depending upon the number of pages.

If you have a book which contains any of these items that you would like converted to eBook drop us an email at pradeep@infolitetech.com. Our eBook conversion package starts from $60 (ePub & Kindle format eBooks) but the price may vary depending on the book’s length, complexity and the functionality as requested. If you have more than one book we are happy to discuss discounted rates.

How long does it take?

The conversion process, from receipt of your manuscript to the delivery of the final converted files usually takes between 5 to 9 days. If you are in a real hurry, we do offer an expedited 3 day service – please contact us with details of what you need and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Meta Data

We will need various pieces of information about your eBook for use when we submit your title to retailers. We will send you a Word doc that explains what we need and offers advice on the best way to categorize and describe your eBook.


If you want to distribute your eBook to anyone other than Amazon you will need an ISBN. The ISBN must be unique to the eBook (and not used for a printed version of your book).

Ready to get started?

If you have any questions please visit our FAQ page.