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XML Services

It’s very essential for businesses to start framing their own digital future to stay aggressive, since the publishing industry is undergoing a transformation. Digital Posting is now a major region exactly where we are concentrating within our production, having a division dedicated to e-publishing services. We have experts such as specialist developers, advanced content technology and software as well as skilled high quality and administrative assistance groups. Infolite focuses on XML transformation of digital content material, books, magazines, guides, journals, manuscripts and other documents.

We have worked on a wide variety of XML projects involving typesetting and conversion across different input source formats/files.

We are adept at using MathMl software to manually key complex math equations. We have worked on various schema and DTD’s such as DITA, NLM, Docbook, Art 5.1, CBML converting Books (hardcopy/soft), STM Journals, Articles to the required digital formats.

XML Features Appeal to Business Needs

  • Platform- and vendor-independent
  • ASCII/Unicode
  • Public standard
  • Control of the data format
  • Separation of content from format
  • Validation (document model)
  • Computer-manipulable (and human readable)

Benefits of XML


Information coded in XML is easy to read and understand, plus it can be processed easily by computers.


XML is a W3C standard, endorsed by software industry market leaders.


There is no fixed set of tags. New tags can be created as they are needed.


XML documents can be stored without [schemas] because they contain meta data; any XML tag can possess an unlimited number of attributes such as author or version.

Why a Business Wants XML in Publishing ?

  • Content re-use
  • Repurposing and new products
  • Customization and internationalization
  • Multiple products from one source
  • Smoother handoffs
  • New processes
  • Protect content investment
  • Flexible, Fluid, Single-source, Dynamic, Personalized, Interactive.

We can transform documents from various input formats and sources to XML output. We have developed custom data capture tools and in-house software for partially automated XML conversions.

  • HTML to XML
  • TXT to XML
  • WORD in order to XML
  • SGML to XML
  • PDF in order to XML
  • RTF to XML
  • EXCEL in order to XML
  • CSV in order to XML
  • DTD Development and Improvement
  • XSLT and Cascading style sheet Development and Development
  • Printed/Hardcopies in order to XML
  • Electronic duplicates to XML
  • TIFF to XML
  • Quark Convey, In Style, Body Producer to XML

We can also help you with the specialized working as a consultant services for example Growth and development of XML DTD as well as XSD, Development of XML conversion rates specification, automatic device development with regard to XML digesting, software program with regard to debugging as well as validity check for XML and so on. We have rich experience with a variety of DTD’s such as NLM, Docbook, NIMAS, CollexMl etc

XML Workflow


(Use the image above but make it brighter and more clear. Use Image captions as “XML Workflow for Multi channel content publishing”. Remove existing image caption “XML –First-Workflow-Creation-Designing”

XML workflow structure

  • Defining DTD [Document Type Definition]
  • Incorporating author/publisher’s specification
  • Structuring and data modeling
  • Input coding properties
  • Methodology and structuring the properties
  • XML orientation and applications
  • Quality procedure and documentation
  • Addition of SGML/XML tags
  • Linking and identifying
  • Finished XML output as per the customer needs