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Author Services

Are you an author or a writer who wants to publish your own book? Did you think publishing your own book is expensive and time consuming? Do the numerous ebook formats, reading devices and retailer requirements add to the confusion? Would using an eBook conversion software produce a well displayed, formatted, functional book that is accepted by all ebook retailers ?

For all your answers look no further. Infolite provides quality ebook services and will guide you through your digital publishing journey. We helped numerous clients to transform epublish & monetize their content at very economical prices. We know how to publish a novel economically and have offered our ebook conversion services to numerous authors, small press and Publishers. We rigorously follow the kindle formatting guidelines and global IDPF ePub 2/3 formatting standards. We convert print books to kindle and also offer digital magazine publishing.

ebooks conversion

We accept your manuscript in any format (Word, text, Pdf, Application file, hard copy) & convert it to an ebook in ePub2/3 & Amazon Kindle (Mobi) formats. We proved to word to PDF, PDF to ePub, word to ePub conversion services irrespective of the manuscript source format type.

Infolite eBook conversion process:

Our richly formatted eBook are readable over a wide range of as eReaders, Tablets, Desktops, Smart phones & can be sold on various eBook retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Apple ibook store, Kobo, Google etc.

Infolite’s aesthetical & extensive eBook formatting and design services generally include title page, dedication, hyperlinked table of contents, book matter with hyper linked chapters, acknowledgements, about the author or Bio, Bibliography and advertisements.

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Online conversion software produce poorly formatted & styled eBooks with limited functionality. Converted ebooks are not displayed uniformly across all devices and code validation often fails the global standard ePub check 3.0. Numerous formatting, text & spell errors are also observed calling for a lot of re work and extra effort. Unlike other ePublishing companies Infolite’s eBook formatting services avoid these obvious errors since we have a mix of automated and manually validated processes.

We only use automated software for basic content tagging. Formatting, Styling, images, proof reading & Quality check is done manually by our experienced conversions team who have worked with various publishers across the world and hence our eBooks have superior functionality & quality and provide value for money. ePub conversion cannot be totally automated for well styled and varied content. To know more about eBook conversion FAQ’s click here.

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Publishing your Novel is not expensive, our eBook formatting services and pricing for a simple text only Fiction book starts from 57 $ onwards (ePub & Amazon-Mobi formats). Read our service plans below and select the package the suits you best.

Service Plan Price ePub format Mobi format Web PDF ePub3 Words
Basic 57$ Yes Yes No No 20,000
Professional 69$- Yes Yes Yes No 20000-40000
Premium 129 $ onwards Yes Yes Yes Yes 40,000 plus

We also offer additional on Author services that you can choose from

  • Copy editing (Get your novel/book Copy edited by a seasoned and professional editor)
  • Cover Art design (A picture matters more than a thousand words so strike the right first impression with your book cover)
  • Custom eBook design for books with rich illustrations (Art, Comics, Children, coffee), read aloud ebooks, enhanced ebooks with Mulitmedia)
  • ebook review (Get your novel reviewed economically by a professional reviewer. It really helps to provide a well rounded book.)
  • eBook distribution to major retailers (Sell your novel or book on leading ebook retailers such as Amazon, iBook store, B & N, Google, Kobo)
  • Press release (Distribute your novel/Author related press release to the top search engines, news sites, blogs, social networks, TV sites, radio sites)
  • Author website & book Landing Page (Build an attractive author website or a book landing page to showcase you books and skills effectively.)

How does our Author service benefit you?

  • We format and convert your eBook at industry best prices and save you time and effort.
  • Provide advanced eBook styling options and functions that give your book a crisp and professional look.
  • Our eBook design follows the latest kindle publishing guidelines and ePub standards by IDPF.
  • All our ebooks pass the global standards i.e ePub validation check 3.0 and CSS validation check.
  • eBooks designed by us are consistently displayed over a wide range of devices such as tablets, ereaders, smart phones, desktops.
  • We can provide multiple digital outputs of your book in ePub2. Mobi, ePub3, Web PDF, HTML5 formats.
  • Single point of contact and prompt communication through email, chat (skype) and Toll free phone number for customers in USA and UK.
  • Delivery time usually takes 7 - 10 days, 3 days rush orders are available for immediate turnaround times.
  • We provide a host of additional author services.

Online book publishing can be a rewarding process provided the book is written, designed and marketed well. Let Infolite help you Publish your Book, for more information or a quote email us at reachus@infolitetech.com.